The functionality of concrete can be detrimental to the protection of your home. Improperly pitched concrete can funnel water to your home causing catastrophic damage to your foundation. Benefits of concrete: Little to no maintenance; Pitches water away from your home; Creates a smooth flat surface ideal for foot traffic, child activities, and removal of snow.

Stamped concrete image 5.


Give your family and guests a great space to enjoy Wisconsin summers.

Stamped concrete image 4.


Invite your guests to your home with a solid slip resistant surface.

Colored concrete image 2.


At 5″ thick your driveway will withstand the weight of delivery trucks.


With functionality comes beauty. By the use of a variety of techniques you can transform your standard concrete into a show piece your peers will be jealous of.

Colored concrete image 3.


The addition of pigment into the concrete makes plain concrete more personalized.

Textured concrete image 1.


Base or accent colors give your concrete surface the look of stone without the “pattern”.

Stamped concrete image 13.


The combinations are endless with over 10 patterns, 70+ base colors, and 15 accent colors to choose from.

Bordered concrete image 1.


This is our signature finish. The benefit of our process is that they are installed with the adjoining slab.

Bordered concrete image 1.

Window Framed

A smooth finish to the outside edges framing in your concrete.

Cusatis Construction residential concrete driveway photo.

Picture Framed

A smooth finish to the outside edges and the joints framing each square like a picture.


Although we offer many options of concrete finishes, our experience has shown us only one way to properly install concrete:

  1. After removal of your existing surface, we install a gravel sub-base which is compacted to ensure no future settling will occur.
  2. Rebar is drilled into any existing structure at the bottom of the new concrete to create a ledge for the sidewalk to rest on. This allows the concrete to heave in the winter due to frost.
  3. 3/8″ rebar is then installed at 2′ on center to provide reinforcement to your new concrete to give the slab the integrity needed to last a lifetime.
  4. The rebar is pulled up into the middle of the new sidewalk during the pouring process.
  5. We then pour a 4-5″ thick, 4000 psi, low chert concrete which is struck off to the proper pitch, and bull floated to push down the aggregates to prevent “chert” pops.
  6. Our joints are then hand tooled to prevent a random crack from forming overnight.

Note: while we engineer the placement of potential breakpoints and take every precaution to eliminate random cracking, random cracks do occur which is why we reinforce every job with rebar. Once the concrete is finished and the forms have been removed we then seal every job immediately with a cure and seal sealer to help protect and build the strength of your concrete.


Following are additional residential concrete services we offer.

  • Concrete garage slabs
  • Concrete shed and hot tub slabs
  • Concrete stoops and steps
  • Basement floors
  • Retaining walls